eSec encrypted transport (TLS)

D-Fence services enable automatic email text encryption between the sender and the recipient. If the recipient server has the Transport Layer Security (TLS) on, the email transport from D-Fence to the recipient is encrypted. If our most important partners are also using D-Fence email security solutions and have the same TLS on, then the entire email traffic between these partners is encrypted at no extra cost.

Operating principle

Encryption is automatically possible if both the sending and the receiving email servers are set to use the TLS encryption for the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (STMP) traffic. Because D-Fence services aim to use TLS encryption in both sending and receiving emails, thus the entire email transport across Internet is encrypted.

TLS encryption blocks the content of email traffic during its course of action through Internet, ensuring the confidentiality of emails.

TLS encryption

SMTP-TLS extension is a protocol for negotiating automatic encryption for SMTP connection with STARTTLS, if both the sending and the receiving ends support this. This is the Internet standard RFC3207.