The end-user in the heart of the cyber security

The Information Technology Association South Africa (ITA)hosted two-day event "Seminar on Cyber Security and Annual Golf Challenge" in Johannesburg 14.11.2013.


Juha Oravala, D-Fence's Director was one of the speakers with the topic presented in the subject: The weakest link in data security chain is the end-user, not the system or software.


Mr. Oravala demonstrated, how easy it is to break into organization with false email directed to the suitable person.


Afterwards two speakers referred to D-Fence's presentation, which highlights the core of this global challenge.


Corporates may invest significant amounts to protect their business, create policies but still there is the human error factor.


Does your employee's control data security in your organization? If there is a junk mail box or quarantine administration for them to control, the answer is YES.


Protect your business and employee's, do not transfer the data security control to the end-user. Keep control to the CIO.