D-Fence proactive services

D-Fence email security solutions provide a first line of defense against all email threats including viruses, spam, and malware. Businesses are also further protected against legal actions with image and content filters. The D-Fence service completely eliminates the need for so-called Spamboxes, entailing thus immediate cost savings for the customer. Our services are based on high end protection technology which is backed up with unique D-Fence Service Concept » 

Filtering vs. Protection

D-Fence services block all email viruses and spam before they even reach the customer and will therefore deliver clear cost savings. Most other solutions just move (filter) the problem from your Inbox to Spambox, when D-Fence eliminates the problem. Services have been granted with ISO 9001 QMS certificate.

Connecting to the security service is easy: Order services from our corporate customer unit and D-Fence will activate them together with your ISP. Turning the services into use is therefore really simple – you don’t need to do anything else. All our blocking servers are situated in a space that fulfils the requirements set by the Communications Ministry concerning locations for telecommunication (Communications Ministry’s definition 48 A/2003 “important space”).

UIDS - advanced new technology

D-Fence has developed a new mechanism to define bulk email sent by spambots. UIDS technology (Unimetric Identification System) is totally new, superior mechanism to define and protect increasing spambot problem.

Technology is totally developed by D-Fence and it has proven track of real time success in spam protection. Read more » 

Customer benefits:

  • Protection, not filtering
  • Spam, viruses and malwares will be blocked before they even reach you
  • Cycer intrusion prevention
  • Continuous security level, which is always based on the latest technology
  • Maximum virus protection using multiple virus engines to scan each received mail
  • Easy to turn on – does not require any work, downloads or installations from the customer
  • Relevant mail will always arrive
  • Peace of mind and IT security level: All arriving messages are clean
  •  D-Fence services function regadless of the device (mobile or other) or the location of the customer using the service