eSec Anti Spam

D-Fence eSec Anti Spam solution will save your productive time, and will remove disturbing spam according to the customer request. Incoming emails are evaluated by over 700 different factors and when defined spam, it will be stopped and rejected back to sender with a notification. By using multilevel solution of different softwares simultaneously, D-Fence reaches 0 % false positive rate for spam emails. 

eSec also creates remarkable protection against globally growing phishing problem.

No more quarantine or junk mail management

The key difference between D-Fence and other email security solutions is, that D-Fence eSec solves the problem instead of transferring it to the end users as quarantine / junk mail management. This feature leads to immediate high data security.

Customer benefits

  • UIDS® technology »
  • Multilevel spam protection
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Stops spam mail and spam mail attacks
  • Zero”false-positives”
  • No end user management
  • Active customer support »
  • Our proactive services increases productivity by reducing management costs and the amount of time employees spend dealing with spam

 No email is lost

Every time an email message is blocked, the sender will receive a note stating that the email contents were not acceptable and therefore the message could not be delivered. This way no mail will be lost.

Service sensitivity levels can be totally customized for each and every client. In addition, a “White list” can be created which will include all the email addresses that are always accepted even if they are considered as junk mails.

Save in costs by protecting

Spam protection is an important IT solution in cases of harmful email messages. Spam already originates remarkable expenses to companies as it can consume the productive time of the employees. Our clients will save the time by concentrating only on essential messages. With the ROI calculator you can easily simulate the cost of spam handling, and the savings made when using spam filtering. Please call our customer service representatives on +358 9 623 14 18 and check the amount of your monthly payment in regard to this calculation.

D-Fence ROI calculator »