Virus Protection solution

D-Fence virus protection prevents all email viruses, and malware attacks at customer workstations. The service prevents viruses, worms, and spyware before even arriving at the customer’s main server and service provider. Modern IT security consists of several different levels.  In addition to reactive anti-virus applications operating on workstations and at server level, a proactive preventive service solution will secure the clients against the constantly changing network environment.

Customer benefits

  • Top level security by multi-layer virus engines
  • Multi-layer virus protection stops unknown viruses earlier than traditional server-based and workstation based software solutions
  • Easy implementation–connection requires no intervention by the customer
  • Higher data security
  • Active® customer helpdesk
  • Client extranet

Emails and their attachments will be scanned with several different anti-virus systems. Emails with detected viruses and/or spyware will be fully blocked. When this happens an advisory note will be sent to the original sender of the affected emails. The note will not be sent back to the name found in the message header but instead it will be routed to the server that created it. This way we avoid unnecessary bounces that strain the network. 

One solution for all devices

The customers email traffic will be protected with a single centralized service solution. The service will protect the customers regardless of the device being used or the location. Once you have the service it works for your domain name regardless of any variable factors. Therefore laptops and mobile devices, are also protected which according to the specialists on the field, are currently the most vulnerable group at risk. Remember D-Fence means 100% removal with 0% false positives.

Time needed for scanning depends on the size of each email (0.4 – 1.2 sec). Virus protection is therefore totally evident for the customer; it is always on and easy to connect.